WordPress Migration

If you would like to move your website over to WordPress, we can help you. We have helped hundreds of Clients, make the move from Moonfruit, Wix, Yell, Weebly to name but a few.


Migrate over to WordPress

We have been helping Clients make the move over to WordPress for many many years now. Clients that are specifically on do-it-yourself website builders find that as their business grows they out grow the DIY website builders capabilities. We are able to offer full support for Clients’ looking to make the transition over to WordPress.  We will set up WordPress hosting, and migrate your website over to our platform. We can help redesign and refresh an old or poorly designed site, or simply create a like for like website.

What platform are you using?

Let us help you Migrate to WordPress

Once we have identified what platform you are currently on we will let you know the options available. With platforms like Moonfruit, Wix and Weebly these are stand alone platforms which means it is not possible to just migrate the website over to WordPress.

DIY web building sites unfortunately do not have a back end file system. This means they are not accessible by anyone other than the company that provided the software. Therefore you are you tied into a contract with them for the length of time you require your website, and unable to move the site files to another host.

Moonfruit to WordPress

Featured: Pro Futures Soccer School, Kent – Moonfruit (left.) to WordPress (right)

Drive2Pass Moonfruit to WordPress

Featured: Drive2Pass, London – Moonfruit (left.) to WordPress (right)

Better control better platform

By designing and developing a site on the WordPress platform you would gain file access and have a greater control over your business website in the long term. With DIY web builders we would rebuild the site from scratch using WordPress, we can create a like for like site, or refresh and update the design to your requirements.

Already using WordPress? We are adept in the process of migrating your existing WordPress Hosting and can assist in the smooth transition of the WordPress files to our hosting platform

Migrate to WordPress

Ready to upgrade your Website platform?
Migrate to WordPress and start experiencing the long term benefits – save money, gain full control of your website and watch it out perform your existing site.


Take Back Control

Moonfruit to WordPress

Moonfruit to WordPress – We have seen a year on year increase in Moonfruit users coming to us to make the move to WordPress.  We can redesign your site, give it a full makeover, and increase your sites SEO output.  As Moonfruit is a DIY site builder, we would need to build a new site from scratch – we are able to create a like for like site, or create something new and fresh. Your website would benefit from a fast and responsive design, full back and front end SEO, and overall a much better performing website.

Wix to WordPress

Wix to WordPress – Wix is another DIY site building tool, that makes it impossible to access the back end files, we would offer to rebuild the site onto WordPress as a like for like or create you a new and updated design, with the added benefit of plugins and SEO tools you would benefit from a fast and responsive design (no fiddly mobile interface to deal with), full back and front end access and super fast and speedy site that out performs any Wix build.

Weebly to WordPress

Weebly to WordPress – Weebly is another DIY site building we would look to rebuild this from fresh on to the WordPress platform, give the site an SEO overhaul and integrate a suite of SEO and speed and performance plugins so that you can really see and feel the benefit of the WordPress platform.

Yell to WordPress

Yell to WordPress – Are you feed up with a poorly designed Yell site? Are you not seeing good SEO results? – Yell sites are known for their poor function, output and one of the worst responsive functions in the industry.  Let us recreate or rebuild your Yell business site onto the WordPress platform and you can start to benefit from a well executed site design, with top notch SEO and guaranteed to look fabulous on mobile.

Squarespace Migration

Squarespace to WordPress – We can export parts of your Squarespace site over to WordPress then rebuild other parts.

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