Code Of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Ethical and responsible guidelines that we use to run our company and guide our work with clients, community and our team.

If you are a potential client researching agencies and considering working with us, this information might also help you better understand what it’s like to work with Therapy in Design.

Code of Ethics

Digital Responsibility

As a digital company, Web MP Designs is positioned to positively impact how people experience technology and design.

By following emerging digital responsibility principles, we can have a positive impact on society and the planet – an impact that is unique to our industry and business model.


The health of the environment is essential if we are to create a just society and achieve shared prosperity for all. Each of us has a responsibility to care for and nurture the planet we live on – and we take that responsibility seriously.

To honour our ecological commitment, Web MP Designs will

  • Apply sustainability principles to our work
  • Strive for net-zero emissions in our company operations
  • Power our products and services with renewable energy whenever possible
  • Maintain a healthy work environment with ecological features, such as composting and living plants
  • Consider the systems-level implications of our work and, when possible, design ecologically-friendly solutions that include the planet as a stakeholder
  • Promote positive systems change when possible
  • When possible, apply regenerative and circular economy principles to our work: restore ecosystems rather than simply “do less harm”


We value our client relationships. Our clients are the reason we exist, so it’s important to us that they’re happy with our work.

We commit to working with clients whose values align with ours. We’re building a new model of success, where digital sustainability is an integral part. As creatives, we have the power to open minds and spread awareness and embed our green thinking into our clients’ businesses. Many have now started the shift towards using their business for good.

Here is how we apply our ethics to all of our customer relationships:

Privacy and security

Respect the privacy of client and user data by adhering to guidelines set forth by The General Data Protection Regulation (EU), and others.

Maintain a baseline hardening against security attacks by identifying potential risks, keeping software up-to-date, and alerting clients whenever we discover a known threat.

Collaboration and transparency

To maintain great customer relationships that are mutually beneficial and based on trust and transparency, Therapy in Design will:
· Prioritise honesty and transparency in all communications
· Value collaboration and co-creation to more efficiently execute projects
· Include customers and end users in our research, design, and testing processes
· Measure success and value: quantifiable solutions are easy to understand. We strive to create value across the spectrum

Ethical Marketing & Advertising

Honesty is our guide in all sales, marketing, and advertising. We will make only complete, factual, and truthful statements about our company and its services. We will also work with our clients to ensure information integrity in the communications and technology which we create on their behalf.

All advertising and marketing claims must be substantiated and must include all information and disclosures necessary to make them accurate and complete.

  • Take care to ensure all disclosures are written in a manner that is easily understood by the intended audience.
  • We must never disparage our competitors or make unfair comparisons between a competitor’s services and our own.
  • With new laws and regulations and increased political and media focus, it is critical to know the latest requirements on disclosures, privacy, and other legal constraints in this area.

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